VLC Media Player 4.0.1 Crack 2021

VLC Media Player 4.0.1 Crack Serial Key Full Free Download 2021

VLC Media Player 4.0.1 Crack Portable Latest Version Free Download is software that was known as VideoLAN Client in the past and still. And also is the best software for playing the audio and videos of different formats. It supports the following types of arrangements MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MP3, and OGG, and for the DVDs and VCDs. This software is handy for online video streaming as a server.

VLC Media Player 4.0.1 is the most flexible or lightweight audio and video player around today. This tool is the best video player you can easily play any format video. Use VLC Media Player 4.0.1 to preview files you are downloading since it plays incomplete parts of video files.  You can easily handle this VLC Media Player 4.0.1. It has many formats like MPEG or FLV and also the ability to play HD and Bluray. VLC is a famous video player. Most people only use VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player Crack & License Key!

VLC Media Player 4.0.1 Crack is the most popular and robust multi-format, free media player available. The open-source media player was publically released in 2001 by the non-profit organization VideoLAN Project. VLC Media Player quickly became very popular thanks to its versatile multi-format playback capabilities. It was aided by compatibility and codec issues which rendered competitor media players like QuickTime, Windows, and Real Media Player useless to many popular video and music file formats. The smooth, basic UI and the vast array of customization options have enforced VLC Media Player’sposition at the top of the free media players.

While the various media player developers attempt to convince us to use their codec to encode our home video, this means that we often have to have more than one media player installed to play every video, audio, and other media, on our computer. Factor in old videos that were encoded using codecs that have been long discontinued, then it becomes a real pain just to playback your collection of movies.

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VLC Media Player has lots of features other than just playing your videos. It can take a snapshot of the movie. You just need to press the Take a Snapshot button from your VLC interface. Apart from the standard playback button, you can also add other buttons to the interface by customizing it.

You can select a loop option for a specific video or audio file, and VLC will repeatedly play the file. You can also select a portion of the video file you want to watch by defining the start and endpoint. The playback speed can also be adjusted; you can increase or decrease your video or audio file rate. You can also Download VLC Player For Windows, which is a complete setup.

The VLC Media Player Free Download is software that is created to play audio and videos. It can transform a vast range of formats into other forms offers the users the to configure the properties of their videos, which results in cropping, image rotation, sound equalizations. The VLC Media Player Crack Portable has a new audio pipeline for better sound quality, work efficiency, device management, and improves audio support. It is adjustable with some new formats that are sometimes un-supportable with the other software. Still, it affords the interface and association with them and prepares fresh and modern codecs.

VLC Media Player Features:

  • 8,000 pixels are supported (hardware encryption is on by default)
  • It supports Chrome cast/Google Cast support
  • High dynamic range (HDR) and 10-bit video Supported
  • High-Definition Video Devices Audio permits through
  • Network cruising for Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems
  • Supports 360 video and 3D audio
  • Adjusting subtitle size life
  • Pick and drop support
  • High Definition DVD support
  • Redrafted video output core and modules, permitting a combination of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
  • 8K support (hardware decoding is on by default)
  • Chromecast/Google Cast support
  • HDR and 10-bit video
  • HMDI Audio passthrough
  • Network browsing for NAS systems
  • 360 video and 3D audio
  • Modifying subtitle size life
  • Drag and drop support
  • HD DVD support
  • Rewritten video output core and modules, allowing blending in GPU.
  • Shader support in the OpenGL output, for conversion, including 10bits.
  • Video outputs for Windows 8 and 7, Android, iOS, and OS/2.
  • Depending, grain, denoising, and anti-flickering filters.
  • Deinterlacing filter, including an Inverse Telecine algorithm.
  • Resamplers for higher quality audio.
  • Dynamic range compressor and karaoke filters.
  • Simplification of the audio core for faster processing.
  • Audio outputs for iOS, Android, and OS/2.
  • Multi-threaded decoding for H.264, MPEG-4/Xvid, and WebM.
  • Support for 10bits codecs, WMV image, and some other codecs.
  • Rewritten support for images, including jpeg, png, xcf, BMP, etc.
  • Important changes in RealVideo and Real Format support.
  • CrystalHD cards and Android OpenMAX support for hardware decoding.
  • And many more features

What’s new in this VLC Media Player Latest Version:

  • Enhanced online streaming
  • Now it is offering you the original audio essentials like the hardware encrypting and decryption
  • Now supports the mobile’s operating system
  • Contact different types of modules
  • Supports Hardware Cryptographer
  • Significant rewrite of the TS demuxer

Operating Systems:        

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Android

System Requirements:

  • 3 GHz AMD Athlon processor, single-core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 64/128 MB AMD Onboard Graphics


  • Backings a comprehensive variety of formats
  • Worthy hotkey support
  • Cool to practice
  • Very supple and frivolous
  • In addition to internet channel streaming facilities
  • The enhanced interface in this version
  • More format support in this version
  • Runs BluRay and HD videos


  • A user interface is relatively elementary
  • The user interface is slipperier in the Mac version
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How to Crack VLC Player?

  • Download the setup from the given download catch underneath
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  • Tap on a run and select dialect
  • Acknowledge all states of the product
  • Tap on introducing
  • Settings will Save naturally
  • Done and Enjoy

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