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Students should have access to the highest-quality education available. So if you’re learning (or teaching) Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective-C, or .NET technologies, hit the ground running with professional developer tools from JetBrains. The best part is, the educational licenses are completely free!

With this year’s first update, JetBrains CLion 2020.3.3 , you get enhanced C++17 support (including structured bindings and if/switch with initializers), new CMake actions (like CMake Install), various editor improvements (breadcrumbs and more), and a more responsive editor.

Windows users can benefit from support for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), which makes it possible to compile, run, and debug Linux-compatible binaries while working on Windows, and even run them with Valgrind Memcheck. 2020.1.2 version also comes with the bundled support for Objective-C and Objective-C++, Fortran, and Rust plugins. Rust comes with Cargo build system and the debugger.

Who can apply?

Students and faculty staff members from accredited educational institutions: high schools, colleges, universities. Students need to be enrolled in an accredited educational program that takes one or more years of full-time studying to complete. Not sure if you’re eligible? Check out our.

How do I apply?

There are a few ways you can apply for a free license. The best way is to use your official institutional email address or ISIC card. In this case, it will only take you a few minutes to get a free educational license pack.

You can also apply with a student/teacher card or any other official document certifying your affiliation with your academic institution. Such applications may take several days to process. Before applying, make sure to read the carefully.

What products do I get?

Students and faculty staff members get access to all the desktop products including Intelligent IDEA Ultimate, Re Sharper Ultimate, and all other JetBrains IDEs. The official is fantastic at what it was made for. After downloading, opening your first sketch (say, blink.ino) and flashing this to your connected Arduino hardware takes all of 3 seconds.

However, once your sketches become a little more complex, a more sophisticated IDE with code navigation, documentation and context-sensitive completion can be a great help.

Currently, one of the better solutions is the. You can be up and running quite quickly, and after adding the necessary include directories to your config, the built-in IntelliSense C++ helps immensely with code completion, navigation and inline documentation.

Overview of this barebones solution

However, this post is about getting JetBrains CLion working with your Arduino projects, without using any additional software besides the Arduino IDE and CLion.

It’s slightly less straight-forward than with Visual Studio Code, but could be worth it, as CLion is arguably a better C++ and general programming IDE than Visual Studio Code.

An example of JetBrains CLion editing the converted blink sketch with the m0 toolchain file installed. The documentation for digitalWrite is shown inline. At the left the file’s structure, and below the serial monitor plugin for CLion that can be used to see what the arduino is sending us.

The core of the solution is to create a toolchain file for the Arduino, based on compilation parameters extracted from a verbose run of the Arduino Desktop IDE 1.8.5 in command-line mode.

Furthermore, it is important that all sketch code is moved out into .cpp files, and the necessary includes (importantly Arduino.h) and function prototypes are added. The main .ino (sketch) file has to be maintained with the same name as the containing directory, but it can be empty, which is what I usually do.

There are JetBrains CLion arduino plugins which you could try (I could not get any of them working completely), but with this minimal example, you get to know exactly what is going on behind the scenes.

Up and running CLion, cmake and the blink example

To get you started, I have converted the minimal stock Arduino blink sketch to a CLion-compatible project, including toolchain files for the AVR-based Uno and for the ARM-based M0 boards. You can easily modify your existing projects by just copying and modifying the CMakeLists.txt and the relevant toolchain file.

To try out CLionized blink, clone this repo, then open it with CLion.

After opening, you should now have three build (Ctrl-F9 – the button to the left of the target selection, NOT run) targets at the top right of the JetBrains CLion UI: arduino-clion-minimal for quick compile-only checks, verify for full arduino building, and upload for full arduino building and uploading:

Before you upload, make sure that you’ve selected the correct board type and port with the Arduino desktop IDE.


With this simple setup, you should have access to all of CLion’s programming facilities during the development of your Arduino sketches.

Furthermore, we can use as Arduino serial port monitor for a more fully integrated experience.

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