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Clip Studio Paint EX 1.8.2 Download

CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX, the leading comic and manga creation software worldwide, delivers powerful cutting edge features for manga and comic artists alike. Save time and increase your productivity with the customizable interface and tools. Invigorate your drawings using color and built-in special effects. Import 3D objects and render them as backgrounds for your artwork. Import and export to many common file formats and publish and export professional quality manga for print or web. CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX offers thousands of screen tones, professional drawing and coloring tools, and in depth layout and rendering capabilities, making it an essential tool for graphic illustrators and professional comic and manga artists.

Speed Up Your Workflow

Amazing New Effects and Tools – Amazing updates to Manga Studio make it comparable to other popular graphic applications such as Photoshop and Painter. CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX provides several advancements over Manga Studio 4 to help you create a much more professional and polished look.

Fully Customizable New User Interface

Set up a Personal Work Flow – CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX was written with artists’ workflow at the very top of the priority list. All of the most used tools – pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, pattern brushes and selection tools are all right at your fingertips. Customize your own brush shapes, canvas textures, paint expressions and more and then save those as your personal settings.

CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX is a digital painting app specifically aimed at people although it’s great for any kind of digital art. We wonder if more people aren’t using it because they don’t know about it, or because they’re not sure how to use it. Either way, that’s about to change.

In this round-up, we’ll share some of the best Clip Studio Paint tutorials, and where you can find them. We’ll kick off the list with some general, all-around Clip Studio Paint tutorials to help get you up to speed (numbers 01-05), then once you have a solid foundation, we’ll move on to some more specific tutorials that will help you out (06-11).

Hopefully we’ll see a lot more tutorials as people realise how powerful this software really is, and what can be done with it.

Reuben Lara

Reuben Lara is a freelance artist and illustrator, offering mainly Clip Studio Paint tutorials. He offers both paid and free tutorials for beginner-to-advanced artists and Clip Studio Paint users.

Lara speaks clearly, his tutorials are easy to follow, and they’re jam-packed with lots of useful information. You can find out more about Lara on his Website.

Flyland Designed

We’ve chosen Brian Allen at Flyland Designs for this list because he offers some of the most fantastic tutorials – and not just because he loves zombies.

Allen’s tutorials take you through the process of sketching, inking, and colouring in Clip Studio Paint. He also shares his tips and techniques along the way, as well as his Clip Studio Paint EX  like brushes, tools, and templates. Want to learn more about Allen? Check out his interview.

Kendrys Draws

Kendrys Diaz, the voice behind Kendrys Draws, offers laser-focused Clip Studio tutorials covering a broad range of topics. Many of his videos show you how to use the 3D tools available in Clip Studio; he also has a heavy focus on manga art.

Diaz’s presentation style is a bit gruffer and more abrupt than other tutorials on this list, but don’t let that put you off – the content is spot on. Note: Diaz has recently published  that might be worth a look.

David Arroy

David Arroyo is the creator of the webcomic. He’s created a series of Clip Studio Paint tutorials, hosted by in which he takes you through how to use the tool start to finish. That’s right! The whole process. Arroyo’s calm speaking voice and clear instructions make his tutorials bookmark-worthy.

Learn CSP

It is an independent site, owned and operated by Augie De Blieck Jr, who launched the site back in 2016. Ever since, De Blieck has been steadily adding Clip Studio Paint tutorials to this site, with the aim of creating content he wishes had existed when he first started.

The website is focused on new Clip Studio Paint users, but it’s useful for intermediate and advanced users too.

How to ink in Clip Studio Paint Pro

In this inking tutorial, Chris Martinez covers the inking tools available to you in Clip Studio Paint, and how he uses them when he’s inking his drawings. Although Martinez talks about pens he hasn’t used, he’s honest about it and encourages people to try new things. Inspirational? Absolutely!

The only thing we’re not wild about is the background music. If you can get past that, this tutorial is one to watch.

How to ink in Clip Studio using the GPEN

Another great inking tutorial comes from Tim Michael at Draw2Much. In this Clip Studio Paint tutorial, Michael shows you the ins and outs of using the G-pen. Although Michael’s walkthrough style isn’t the typical one you might expect, this video gives you an insight into how he inks his drawings, and is worthy of a watch.

Digital Painting Tutorial

OK World of Warcraft fans, this one’s for you! In this tutorial, Robert Marzullo teaches you how to digitally paint Orgrim Doomhammer using Clip Studio Paint. If you like this tutorial, Marzullo has a new tutorial, available on Udemy, where he teaches.

Reference Layers For Coloring

More of a quick tip than a long-form tutorial, Matt Chee takes you through the process of using reference layers for colouring. But don’t stop with that one. Chee has a large collection of tips and tricks to help you work smarter in Clip Studio Paint. Check ’em out.

Creating and using custom Brushes

Full disclaimer: I’m an official Smith Micro Influencer, and this is one of my own Clip Studio Paint tutorials. In this written tutorial, I show you how to create and use your own custom brushes in Clip Studio Paint. If video is more your style, this tutorial is also available in video format.

Smith Micro Graphics

Of course, no Clip Studio Tutorial List would be complete without a mention of the Smith Micro Graphics tutorials. It has a lot of great resources, but if you’re looking for something specific, check out the ones from Doug Hills, like the video above. You won’t be disappointed.

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